Who We Are

His Daughter’s House was established in 2016, and made grassroots connections within various sectors such as; spiritual institutions, non-profits, government agencies, for-profit companies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, as well as other community groups and assemblies to provide a robust resource network within Riverside County. This network allowed HDH an opportunity to assess the gaps in resources and provide the leverage needed to offer a safety-net program to assist our most vulnerable clients. 


As an outcome of the assessment, four (4) programs were designed to assist our population; 

a.) Short-term Financial Assistance and Donations (FAD) program 

b.) Beauty, Health, and Wellness (The Radiant Rose) program.

c.) Community Resource, Referral and Outreach for Women Network (C.R.O.W.N.) program.

d.) The women's mentoring program, in which women can connect with a mentor of their choice to assist with life issues that are not addressed through traditional services (i.e., medical, counseling, vocational resources) (Queens Corner).


As the mission of HDH is to build long lasting reciprocated relationships with our clients, we offer internships, training, and volunteer opportunities through our Queens Corner program that connects them with the incoming clients that may benefit from their relatable support and guidance. This cycle is HDH’s idea of an effective reciprocated mentorship model of women helping women.

Operating within an equity lens, HDH takes care to promote diversity and inclusivity among our clients as we feel this is an effective way to address needs on a larger scale. His Daughter’s House also seeks out volunteers, mentors through our Queens Corner program and leadership members of a diverse nature to better serve in a capacity that is effective and conducive to the needs of our clients. 

Admittance into The Radiant Rose, C.R.O.W.N or Queens Corner programs must be done through initial enrollment into our FAD program. Admittance into the FAD program is needs based and limited to the population served. 

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