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Project Hope DV, Rapid Rehousing Program

HIS Daughters House, Project Hope DV, Rapid Rehousing Program offers rental assistance to victims of Domestic Violence. HDH has partnered with the County of Riverside and the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center (RARCC) to provide a housing and supportive services resource, specific to domestic violence survivors through a referral process. 

Project Hope DV, Rapid Rehousing Program was designed to place survivors into housing units by providing up to 12 months of rental assistance to support autonomy and societal acclimatization.

If you are a DV survivor and experiencing homelessness, please contact us here.

*Please note that all referrals will be assessed using a needs-based process and not all survivors will be eligible for rental assistance, however, all survivors are eligible for supportive services and resources.

For information about domestic violence resources please contact RARCC.

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Interested in Donating to the Development of the Project Hope Program?

If you would like to donate to the development of Project Hope DV, Rapid Rehousing Program or provide specific donations to DV survivors, please visit our donate page. Thank you for your passion to serve!

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