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Survivor Testimonials

I want to start off by saying thank you for this amazing opportunity to be part of His Daughters House program. The reason why I came across this program was that I kept looking and searching for some help so I could give my kids a home to live in. I had gotten kicked out with our kids by my ex-husband, and I’ve been going through my divorce since then. I’ve been doing a lot better. HIS Daughters House has helped me get new furniture such as a dining table, living set, and a bedroom set for my kids. I have attended one workshop class; I did receive one basket full of goodies. 

Elizabeth Garcia Carranza


After being physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by my ex-husband I felt like I had no way out. I lived in the state of Maryland and needed to find a way out of the cycle for myself and my daughters. We moved here to California, thinking I made the right decision away from toxicity and abuse. I was unfortunately wrong, once we moved to California, we moved in with my dad. I had no idea of his recovering opiate addiction, and all that came with it; how severe withdrawal was until I was already moved across the county. I went from one toxic environment to another without realizing it. I’ve been looking into resources to help our current situation when I discovered HIS Daughters House. HIS Daughters House has been tremendously wonderful to me and my children and giving us all the tools, we need to get out of abuse. I am currently in the process of rehousing and getting out of my current situation thanks to them and their kind hearts. They also donated a living room set, bunk bed set, dresser, and queen-sized bed all brand new for once I do finally find our home, we will have all the tools and furniture we need! I also have participated in a few workshops that they hold quite frequently which changes every workshop and all are even more tools and resources to help single mothers who have been and or are currently being domestically abusive like myself. They give you resources for financial stability, food, transportation resources, and childcare. This program is promoted towards the success of these women, and I am so grateful to have them as support and for everything they have done and are currently doing for my family.

 Sara Faraj



I am a single mother, and His Daughters House helped me when I had no direction. After much time and life-altering decisions, I too would love to mentor a single mother who is in the same spot I used to be in and show her that she is not alone and can find her way.


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