The Women’s Mentoring Program (Queens’ Corner)

His Daughters’ House has developed a mentoring network of diverse individuals to assist our client base with their mentoring needs. Mentorship can range from imitated behaviors, to hands on teaching of techniques, skills and etiquette to help propel our mothers into the purpose they were destined for. 

Our mentorship program is a model designed to offer guidance in areas that are not addressed through conventional methods (i.e. therapy, counseling, vocational training). Our network is also developed  with the goal to place women with individuals in highly visible roles that will in turn bring the needed exposure to a talented yet marginalized population. 

Our clients will have an opportunity to choose a mentor that best suits their needs in an effort to fill a life-building gap. Our mentors are screened and interviewed before joining our network to ensure that we are pairing our mothers with quality mentors. Mentor-mentee connections can happen in-person or virtually whichever fits the needs of both individuals. Finally, we encourage our clients to become mentors to assist incoming clients with their mentoring needs, this is HDH’s idea of an effective mentorship model.

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Become a Mentor with His Daughters’ House

Are you interested in becoming a mentor to a single mother, do you have a passion to help marginalized women grow and blossom? Please complete the contact form here, and select “Queens Corner” program from the drop down menu. A representative will contact you to start the process.