The Radiant Rose Program

The Radiant Rose program is HDH’s health, beauty and wellness program. This program was designed to care for our clients physical and inner beauty and wellbeing. We know first-hand that single low-income mothers endure a lot of mental, physical and emotional stress that can take a toll on their overall well-being. It can discourage a woman's desire to take care of her mind, body and spirit. 

At HDH we firmly believe that if a woman feels and looks well she performs better overall. The Radiant Rose program takes care of the whole being; by catering to the mental health, the physical health and the emotional health of the woman further increasing her self-efficacy. 

Our program is only accessible to our clients that have been enrolled in our FAD program for at least 60 days. Under this program clients also have access to our “Radiant Wardrobe”, a closet of donated clothes, shoes and accessories that can aid our mothers into feeling their best. Our program offers our clients healthy practices, wellness techniques and treatments, open group therapy sessions, access to spa services, quarterly retreats, complimentary beauty supplies, services and more. Our goal is to teach life skills, sustainability, and self maintenance that will improve their overall well being on a long term scale.

If you are interested in donating products, services, or funds to the operations and offerings under  The Radiant Rose Program please visit our donation page, select “The Radiant Rose” program on the drop down menu. 

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